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Denmark in Western Australia

Our little family getaway to the stunning coastal Town Denmark in the South of Western Australia.

Nursery Nook

I’ve created a Nursery Nook this time around as we have run out of bedrooms in our house plus our other bubs spent the first 6 months in our bedroom anyway and once it’s a little older he or she will most likely share a room with big brother Luca. Not knowing the sex of […]

Linen Cupboard

Here, I’m sharing with you four easy steps to declutter and organise your linen cupboard. You’ll be showing it off to all your friends in no time.

Top family things to do in Denmark

Leading on from my blog post on the ‘2 Days in Copenhagen with kids‘ it encouraged me to share with you my top picks on what to see in Denmark, that are family friendly. Yes Copenhagen is a beautiful place to visit but there are so many other picturesque, fun places to see. So if […]

Frozen 2 Party

In early December I was the lucky winner of a Frozen 2 Ultimate Party Package Giveaway by Sassy Snaps Party Stylist. At the time I was on a weekend away with my girlfriends when I got notified that I had won the prize! I couldn’t believe my luck.I had entered because like all 5 year […]

Finland in December

Finland in December

I grew up in winters covered by snow, I remember building snow men and doing countless snow angels, I remember getting on my wooden sled and riding down the small hill while mum was looking out the kitchen window 3 floors up, I remember walking to school, with the sun just rising in my purple […]

Copenhagen in 2 days with kids

Denmark is rated the most happiest nation on earth. It is a must go to, when travelling to Scandinavia. I really wanted to write this blog because every time someone I know is going to Copenhagen, they text me “What should I see?” “Where should I go?”. It always makes me think about our visits, […]

Laundry Makeover

The laundry WAS my least liked room in the house, mostly because it’s filled with washing 100% of the time. It’s the one chore that just never ends. No matter how quick you are at folding and putting away (and let me promise you I am not very quick) you can never NEVER be on […]

Liana & Luca’s Cubby

A Bakery and a Cafe in one small house Yes, I am a little late to the game of the Kmart cubby house hack but I have had so much fun doing this little house up that I’m here to share it with you and hopefully sprinkle some cubby house inspo your way too. We […]

Office Organisation

When we built this house we put a lot of thought into designing our office. Hubby is a pilot and spends a lot of time in the office, and now with me writing this is where most of my time is spent when not doing the mum thing! We wanted a functional space as well […]

Luca’s Nautical Themed 1st Birthday

Our dearest Luca, our little rainbow baby, you are the sweetest little boy. You have so much determination and will not stop at anything once you have your eyes set on something. You are incredibly strong and fast, you do not sit still for any length of time unless you are strapped to a chair […]

Kids and Photo shoots

Tips on preparing for photo shoots with kids. I want to share some tips with you on how to prepare for a photo shoot with children. Be prepared – This is my top tip, my only tip actually. So I will break it down below for you. Being prepared from booking the right photographer, what […]

After Birth Pains!!!

After PainsI was downloading one of my SD cards the other night and came across this photo. The rawness and honesty of this photo took me immediately back to that moment in the hospital just a few hours after birthing Luca. The first thing that came to my mind was the PAIN, the after birth […]

Liana’s unicorn/fairy 4th Birthday

She has been asking for a unicorn cake for over a year and was wishing for her own fairy to come to her own party, so we combined them both and threw Liana a unicorn, fairy 4th birthday party.It was a small gathering for her to celebrate with her closest friends and family. CratesI had […]

A quick family getaway to Darwin

We were after somewhere hot, with a big pool, swim up bar and in Australia. We chose Darwin and it delivered. It’s the wet season in Darwin at the moment so the heat factor did not disappoint, in saying that it was not unbearable when on holidays and sleeping just meters away from an inviting […]

Luca’s nursery

Time has flown, my little boy is 6 months already and with that he has outgrown his bassinet, the truth is he may have outgrown it a little while back but I have been in denial about moving him into his own room. I can honestly say that I just want to hold onto every […]

Luca’s Birth Story

I was convinced you’d come a little early like your sister but here I was the night before your due date. Everything was like normal, all three of us went to bed, I had my regular obstetrician appointment in the morning & being my due date we had talked about maybe doing a stretch & […]

Pregnancy Journal with Miss Liana

Being currently 35 weeks pregnant with our 2nd baby, it’s brought me to reflect on my 1st pregnancy with Liana in 2014. Can I just say that looking back on this video it feels like it was yesterday and really makes you realize how time really does fly by.  I made this video as a memory for […]

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