Bathroom Reno

The transformation of the kids/spare bathroom is stunning and I’m in LOVE.

The images speak for themselves, this room was in need of a serious makeover. We chose modern, sleek, clean with a touch of country.



The space had to be functional, especially as its main use was going to be the kid’s bathroom, secondly, I wanted something pretty to look at as it’s also going to be our guest bathroom and of course I wanted it to make me smile every time I walk in.

One of my loved items I’ve placed on the bench in the bathroom is a happiness crystal kit with a Dalmatian Jasper (reconnects us with our playful nature), Smoky Quartz (promotes positive thinking and action and helps to manifest one’s dreams), Citrine (increases joy and happiness, transforming any negative energy into positive energy), Tiger Eye (aids harmony and balance, and radiates happiness throughout one’s life and home) and Green Aventurine (dissolves negativity and promotes tranquility and a positive attitude towards life).
Which I feel ALL fit perfectly with our way of thinking, our vibe and this current chapter of our lives.

Why have you hung eucalyptus in this shower? You ask…
Well there are a heap of health benefits you can gain from this plus it looks pretty.
Eucalyptus relives stuffy noses and sinus headaches, it’s believed to help with reduced stress and increase energy levels (not that my kids need this;). And this is just a few of the benefits….

The finer Details

Round Wall Mirror and Towel hooks from Ikea
Bath, cabinet and tapware from Reece Plumping
Towels from Bed Bath N’ Table
Soaps from Al.ive
Crystals and Candle from House of Wellington

Thanks so much for following along on our Bathroom Renovation.
Feel free if you have any questions or comments to pop them below or jump over to my Instagram and I’ll get back to you asap.

This blog is in no way sponsored.

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