Liana’s unicorn/fairy 4th Birthday

She has been asking for a unicorn cake for over a year and was wishing for her own fairy to come to her own party, so we combined them both and threw Liana a unicorn, fairy 4th birthday party.
It was a small gathering for her to celebrate with her closest friends and family.

I had seen whilst scrolling through pinterest the idea of using crates as tables, so that was my starting point for planning the party. I collected some crates from our local Bunnings. If you ask they usually have a stack of them out the back and will try and pick out the good ones for you. We collected two extra crates for using as spare parts as I wanted to fill in the gaps in the tables to make it more even. Since it was going to be four year olds sitting at the table. Once we had filled the gaps, I sanded the tables. Then painted them all white and decided they needed a little colour so I bought a couple of miss coloured paints at the clearance shelf at Bunnings and got painting.

I had a couple of cheap rugs which I placed on the dining room floor, popped the crates on top and added a heap of pillows for seats and comfort and woooolaaaa. Looked amazing for very little money.

Balloon garlands are huge at the moment and I LOVE the look of them so that was a must and I love a challenge and a DIY. Parties Made Pretty a local Perth business sell custom DIY balloon garlands for around $99 or you can also buy them already made or they even come to install.

I used just regular streamers as the back drop, cut them ruffly the same length and hung them over fishing line. A little tip to make it easier is to hang the fishing line up first to make it easier to work with. I used my photography backdrop hanger but you could use a clothes rack or similar.
Hanging this on the wall really is a two person job. One person hold one end while tying the opposite end. I used the clear adhesive removable hooks. Ensure these are in place at lease an hour before wanting to hang from them.

Once the back drop was installed it was time to blow up the balloons. I found it easier to blow up as many balloons before starting to build the garland this way you get an idea of the sizes/colours/number you have to work with. Then firstly pair all the balloons randomly with a short bit of fishing wire (tip leave a couple on their own to fill caps at the end). Once all are blown up and paired get a long (as long as the garland) of fishing line (this is included in your DIY kits) tie one end to something on the ground or where you want the garland to start I used an old helium balloon anchor/tie, then with each pair wrap them around the fishing wire and twist a couple of times. As you add more push them together till you are happy with the look.Once you get to the end tie the fishing line off at the end and attach it to a removal hook. If there are some gaps that need filling use the left over balloons to attach where needed.

Unicorn Cake
I’m a bakers daughter so I always feel a slight pressure to do well when it comes to baking cakes. I’ve grown up with my dad baking and creating cakes around me my whole life so I do have a love and passion for baking and I feel in my happy place when creating them, especially when it’s for my on kids.

Photo Prop/dress up
I made this from an old photo frame that was going to be thrown out, I kept the white frame and decorated it with some paper flowers from Spotlight and cut out the writing from cardboard.

Liana’s own fairy
We hired a fairy from Freedom fairies, and it honestly was THE best decision. She was super professional, all the kids loved her. She entertained them so well and involved everyone, she also did face painting. It was worth every single dollar we paid. Highly recommend them.

Thanks for reading any questions feel free to leave a comment.

This blog is in no way sponsored, all pictures and words are my own.

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