Pregnancy Journal with Miss Liana

Being currently 35 weeks pregnant with our 2nd baby, it’s brought me to reflect on my 1st pregnancy with Liana in 2014. Can I just say that looking back on this video it feels like it was yesterday and really makes you realize how time really does fly by. 

I made this video as a memory for myself and to have for Liana when she grows up, she already loves watching it. I thought I would share this journey with you too and I think it is fitting as my first blog being the beginning of Liana’s journey.

Enjoy xx

A letter to my darling little girl

Liana you are now 3 years old, you have grown into the most kindest young little lady. I am so proud of who you are becoming and so proud, yet can not believe that I created you. You are caring and always ask if i’m okay. You are honest and tell me when I’ve got hair or stickers on my bottom and help me take them off. You make everyone smile that is around you and once comfortable you love being the center of attention. I love hearing your little feet running down the hallway in the middle of the night. I love when you turn around and place your arm around my neck tightly in the early hours of the the morning and whisper in my ear “I miss you mummy”. I might constantly tell you to clean up but deep down I love the mess, because it means you are here. At the same time I love that you are tidy and help me clean and love helping with the washing. I love your cheekiness especially at the dinner table each night, I look at your Daddy and we both try our best to hide our laugh. I love how you include your new baby brother in everything already and he is yet to even arrive. I love how you walk so comfortably around your daycare like you own the place. I love watching you dance and twirl. I love that you love animals. I love your curls and your long, long legs even though I’m not sure where they actually came from. I love watching you sit and play quietly on your own and I love watching you play with all your ‘best’ friends. I love that you fit right in on the farm and get grubby and dirty. I love that you insist on wearing a tutu dress everyday to daycare. I love that you believe in magic, it makes me believe in magic too. I love that you ask me if you are a princess and yes my darling little girl, you will always be my princess.

Every night your Mummy and Daddy look at each other and say to one another how did we ever get so lucky that you chose us to be your parents. To us you are perfect.

Elsker dig, love your Mummy xoxo

Luca’s Birth Story

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After Birth Pains!!!

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