Liana & Luca’s Cubby

A Bakery and a Cafe in one small house

Yes, I am a little late to the game of the Kmart cubby house hack but I have had so much fun doing this little house up that I’m here to share it with you and hopefully sprinkle some cubby house inspo your way too.

We have a small yard so this is a big deal to us (our kids) to finally get something to play with outside and I don’t think a day has gone by that they have not been outside playing in it or having lunch on their little benches.

For $199 it is remarkable how it is even possible for them to make it for that price. The house looks cute on it’s own but I couldn’t resist to do a little makeover on it. Not sure if it was for the kids or myself.
I love painting and decorating and I’ve had so much fun doing this, it may have become a little obsession for a few days there!

How I did the make over:
1. ASSEMBLE. First I followed all instructions to build the cubby, I managed to build it on my own but I would suggest doing it as a two person job. I’m just really impatient and could not wait for hubby to get back from work. My tip is to definitely use a cordless screw driver, it makes it so much easier and super quick to assemble.

2. Paint. Before painting I removed the door, window frames, flower pots and the arch frames. I used all left over paint except the blue on the door and flower pots. I painted the roof a light shade of grey called Meniscus, Dulux. The main house I painted white, White on White. The blue on the door and flower pots is called New Arrival by British Paints. I painted the door and flower pots separately to make it easier and once dry I placed it all back together.

3. Curtains. From some left over fabric I made the curtains. I cut them to size and hemmed all sides, the top hem I did a little wider to fit the stretch wire through. You can find stretch wire from Spotlight. It’s really easy to use just cut the wire to size and screw the included little hooks to each end, then screw the little eyes into the wood in the position you want to hang and attach the hooks to the eyes and your done. With a little ribbon I tied a bow on each piece of fabric to finish them off.

4. Decorating and Storage. From inspiration of other cubby houses I wanted to add a little bell as I think they look super adorable on. I got this one from Bunnings. The brass door knob and brass number 22 was from Bunnings too. The little white baskets inside I picked up from Bunnings and attached them to the wood with a little screw through the holes on the basket. I also got a couple of little screw in hooks to hang the apron, bags and shop signs on. The white rail, container and hooks under the window frame is from Ikea.

5.Building extra bench space. I really wanted to add some extra space to the cubby as it’s quite small. So the kids could get the most out of the space we added a little bench to either side, which the kids now sit and eat lunch at which is really cute. The two white stools are from Ikea.

6. Labels. Liana & Luca’s Cubby sign is white vinyl stickers from the lovely Rachel at Mint To Be Designs. Rachel also made the vinyl stickers for both the Cafe and Bakery signs. The Cafe and Bakery signs are font number 7 using the Pink and Blue vinyl. Click here to follow the link to her Instagram account and if you are wanting to order some labels Rachel has kindly offered a discount for my followers just mention me Mrs.NicoleBasham when emailing her.

7. Let them be kids. Most of the toys are from either Kmart and Ikea. You don’t need many toys for the kids to have fun and use their imagination. Don’t be afraid to get down and be involved playing shops or whatever it is they want to play. These will be the times your kids will remember forever.

Thank you for taking the time to read and I hope I’ve sprinkled some cubby house inspo your way. If you have any more questions feel free to comment below or comment on my latest Instagram post and I’ll do my best to answer.

This blog is in no way sponsored, all photos and wording is my own.

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