Top family things to do in Denmark

Leading on from my blog post on the ‘2 Days in Copenhagen with kids‘ it encouraged me to share with you my top picks on what to see
in Denmark, that are family friendly.
Yes Copenhagen is a beautiful place to visit but there are so many other picturesque, fun places to see. So if you ever get the chance, these are my top picks. I haven’t included Copenhagen in the list below as I covered them in my previous blog post, click here to read.

1. Bornholm

Bornholm is a small island in the Baltic Sea off the east coast of Copenhagen. The best way to get there is by ferry or plane. Flights go from Copenhagen a couple of times a day, but I would recommend the ferry over the plane ride. We hired a car from Copenhagen and drove to Ystad (Sweden) where the ferry leaves from to go to Rønne, Bornholm.

Øresund Bridge
Øresund Bridge
The bridge that connects Denmark and Sweden.
A couple of the ferries that go back and forth from Sweden and Bornholm.

When visiting Bornholm you can feel and see the island living life through the locals, they are relaxed and calm and just seem to be going with the flow. The island is truly picturesque with it’s beautiful white sandy beaches, stunning cliffs on the northern coastline, not to mention the many fishing villages along the coast too. Then you have forests covering the center of the Island with plenty of wheat fields between and you can’t forget to visit one of their iconic round churches from the 12th century.

Wheat crop field

At the top of the visitor list though, is the 13th century ruins of Hammershus Slot (Castle). It’s believed construction of the building began around 1250. So much history in this one place.

Taking a walk down the cobblestone streets through the town of Rønne, you might want to watch glass being blown into stunning glassware, both kids and adults enjoy watching or you can catch a chicken shitting race out on the streets in Svaneke. Yes you read right, it is like playing bingo but with chicken poo. It is worth the laugh but get there early if you want to be able to see from the crowds. Whilst in Svaneke stop for a lunch break and a nice cold local brewed beer at Svaneke Brewery.

While you are travelling the island keep a look out for wild reindeer hiding in the forests.

If you are interested in some WW2 history there are some hidden bunkers in the forest near Dueodde beach on the south of the island. These are really quite interesting and an incredible site to be up and close to see the real scale of what they had built. We have been here a couple of times and will go back again.

The island might be small in size but it has so much to offer. It will surprise you how much actually gets made and produced on this island for the rest of the world.
You may not know this either but Bornholm aims to become the worlds 1st waste free community. Their goal is to have all waste produced on Bornholm to be reused or recycled by 2032.

Accommodation on the Island
It all comes down to what type of accommodation you are after so I’ve put a couple of suggestions below for you but the island is certainly not short of accommodation choices as they have over 600,000 people visiting the island each year.
There is the bed and breakfast option at Myregaard bed & breakfast
Myregaard is a stunning B&B set in amongest wheat and corn fields. The owners have changed hands since the last time I stayed there but I hear the place is still in good hands. It’s located in Nexø, which is south of the island.

bed and breakfast on bornholm
Myregaard Bed and Breakfast

Second option is a little self contained hotel room or cabin at
Hotel Friheden, which is in a town
called Allinge on the northern coast of the island.
We stayed here last time and it was a beautiful little spot. Walking distance to the local store and beach.


Legoland, what more can I say, that this is my favourite place EVER.
Since childhood to now, I still love it.
Every time I go they have added something new to the park, so there is always new things to explore but in saying that I still don’t think I have seen everything that this place has to offer. We usually just go for a day trip, but next time I want to stay at the accommodation at the park and get a 2 day pass.
Depending on what time of year you go and if it’s school holidays in Denmark this place gets busy. The biggest tip I can give you is to get there early find parking and buy your ticket before the rush. Also having a plan for your day is a good idea if there are certain shows and things you would like to see. There is something for all ages at Legoland and it certainly brings the child out of everyone too.

3. Viking Museum

There are quite a few Viking Museums in Denmark, I have not been to them all, so here I’ll recommend my pick of which ones I have been to with kids.
My top pick would have to be Ribe VikingeCenter.

Ribe VikingeCenter is a settlement of dressed up characters living and working at the museum, there are farms, markets and hands on activities for the kids too. Here you get to see how the vikings lived, you get to ask them questions, as you are walking around. This museum has been done so well that you almost forget that they are in character, it is like stepping back in time. It is a large outdoor area, which makes it great for kids to be able to explore. They also have a cafe where you can stop for lunch and an ice cream, which has a large playground right next to it.

Close by is another museum Ribes Vikinger, this museum is also worth seeing but if you do not read Danish you will not be able to read a lot of the info signs inside the museum. That being said you can still get a lot from it and down in the basement there is a roll play area for kids which they loved and could have spent hours down there.

A must see is a Viking Play which you can find a few places that perform these usually in the summer months Aug-Jul. One place we discovered on our last visit was the Frederikssund Vikingespil this place looks epic. Unfortunately it was closed while we were there in Winter but this place is on top of my list to visit when we return again in Summer. Check out their website as there are heaps of activities happening including a heap for the kids too.

4. Ribe

Ribe is one of the oldest towns in Scandinavia and was founded around year 700. It is incredible walking through the old town and people are still living in these beautiful heritage houses. Some have changed their shape so much that it’s hard to believe people can still live them. It’s a gorgeous little town and definitely worth visiting.

5. Skagen

Skagen is the most northern town of Denmark on the mainland of Jutland.
Right at the tip of the country is where two seas meet, The North Sea and Baltic Sea. You can actually get right to the tip and place one foot in either ocean at the same time, incredible.
If you are driving up to Skagen, there are plenty of beautiful places to tick off on your way up including the stunning beaches on the west coast.
We found some old bunkers built by the Nazis from World War II. They are quite fascinating to explore.

6. Must try Danish food

This is one of the highlights for me coming back home, nothing says home more than the taste of your childhood, right?
The first thing I eat and almost every day whilst here is the famous Danish hot dog and it must come from one of the many Pølsevogn (hot dog vans) you find on the street. They even have one at the airport in both the departures and arrivals, to fix the cravings of the locals whether they are leaving and needing that one last hot dog (this was me) or coming home and craving that taste (this was me also).

Another on the top of my food list would have to be Pålægschokolade, I usually fill whatever space is left in my suitcase with this.
Pålægschokolade is a thin piece of either milk or dark chocolate which you place on Runstykke (breakfast rolls) or on toast. There are a few different types but none as good as the brand pictured below.

Related image

There are so many more delicious traditional Danish foods to try, like their Smørrbrød, Wienerbrød, Herring and much much more.
Check out heaps more and lots of recipes over at Denmark Getaway.

I hope you enjoyed reading and if you did check out my other travel blogs. If you have any questions or comments please leave below.
Thank you so much for stopping by.

This blog is in no way sponsored, all writing and photos are my own.

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