Copenhagen in 2 days with kids

Nyhavn Canal

Denmark is rated the most happiest nation on earth. It is a must go to, when travelling to Scandinavia.

I really wanted to write this blog because every time someone I know is going to Copenhagen, they text me “What should I see?” “Where should I go?”. It always makes me think about our visits, where we enjoyed the most and what we still want to explore. So I thought no better way than to put pen to paper after our last trip, while it’s all still fresh in our memory.
I’ve written this blog focused on places to visit that are kid friendly.
I hope you enjoy!


The moment you arrive in Denmark and disembark the aircraft there is a friendly vibe in the air. You are greeted by fair skinned but tanned skin, mostly blonde friendly locals.

When on the streets of Copenhagen the locals are either busy zooming past on their bikes or you will see them sitting in the sun in one of their many beautiful parks with friends, eating and drinking.

Whether you are just passing through Copenhagen on your way to your destination or you have planned your holiday to be in Copenhagen there are some must see places that can’t be missed.

How to get around? If you have plenty of energy and some good walking shoes you can walk but you will be walking all day. Depending how old your kids are, there are electric scooters everywhere. You can hire these, this is the perfect way to get around and quick too, if your kids are up to it.
Our youngest was a little too young for this so we decided to jump on the hop on hop off bus. This takes you to all your main attractions and you can hop on and off as you please. There is also a Copenhagen Card which gives you free entry and discounts on a heap of places. This is worth checking out depending what you plan to be doing.

hop on hop off bus

I’m going to let you know my top 8 places to see below.

Nyhavn is a strip of vibrant restaurants, bars, cafes, Ice cream shops in beautiful bright coloured townhouses facing the canal. These townhouses are from the 17th century (1670-1675).
Visit during the day, grab one of their popular hot dogs from the many Pølsevognen (hot dog van) on the streets and a beer from the super market and sit by the canal and just take the beautiful scenery in and relaxed atmosphere. The kids will love an ice cream and to watch the plenty of entertainment on the strip.
Return at night to soak up even more atmosphere and entertainment. Just walking through the strip is entertaining in itself.

#2 Canal Boat Ride
While you are in Nyhavn you may as well jump onto one of the many boat canal tours. I’ve done this a few times now and would do it again. You get to see a lot of the main Copenhagen attractions from the water.
The canal was actually built by Swedish Prisoners of war. I only just learnt that last time we visited.

#3 The Little Mermaid
Okay I’ll warn you now it is very little. That being said it is a must to see. People come from all over the world to see her. If you do the boat ride you do get to see her from the water but I much prefer to get up close plus it’s a beautiful walk along the water with plenty of things to look at including playgrounds for the kids. The Little Mermaid was a fairy tale first published in 1837 by the famous Danish author Hans Christian Andersen.

The little mermaid

#4 Gefion Fountain
The hop on hop off bus stops here and if walking or on a scooter it is just a short stroll from the little mermaid.
The Gefion fountain is a fountain made up of 4 large oxen being driven by legendary Norse goddess, Gefion. The statue is believed to be reenacting how Zealand (the island Copenhagen is on) was created by ploughing.
Just around the corner from the fountain is St Alba’s Church which is stunning.

St Alba's Church

#5 Amalienborg Palace
The home of the Danish Royal family, who still live there and is one of the worlds oldest monarchies. Part of the palace has now been turned into a museum where you can walk through and see some of the private rooms of some of the recent kings and queens plus learn all about the Danish royal history.
Changing of the guards takes place outside the palace everyday at 12noon. This is a must see if you are in the area. A little tip is to get there earlier to avoid the crowds.

As you leave the palace and walk towards the harbour you will come to Amaliehaven which is a beautiful little park and fountain. If it’s a warm day and the sun is out you will find the tourists and local kids having a little splash in the fountain.

#6 Ofelia Pads (square)
Ofelia Pads is located between Nyhavn and Amelienborg Palace. We stumbled across this when we walked from the palace back to Nyhavn and wow it took our breath away. On this day it was a beautiful summer’s day, the sun was shinning it was afternoon and if you were wondering where everyone was. It was here at Ofelia Pads. Mostly locals but plenty of tourists as well had found a spot the sit, take in the sun, jumping into the harbour, drinking with friends, some sitting in their boats enjoying it from the water, lots of families all enjoying life.
The square is Copenhagen’s latest free public cultural venue where you can come to watch a concert, performance or just enjoy the sun like this day with plenty of little pop up bars.

#7 Tivoli
If there is one thing you do not want to miss, it is Tivoli. The second oldest operating amusement park in the world. The oldest is Bakken in Klampenborg just north of Copenhagen.
Tivoli opened in 1843. At Tivoli there is something for everyone, the youngest, the oldest and everyone in between. Beautiful gardens all through the park, so many restaurants whether you are after a sit down 5 star meal or just your average fish and chips on the lawn. Fun for all ages with plenty of rides, playgrounds and entertainment.
You could spend the best part of a full day at Tivoli but it’s at night that it really comes alive, with spectacular lights and the screams of people on roller coasters which you can almost touch as they come flying around the park.

Just across the entrance outside Tivoli and next to Rådhus (town hall)
is the famous Hans Christian Andersen’s statue. Hans Christian Andersen an author is best know for his fairy tales, The Little Mermaid and The Ugly Duckling to name a couple.
There is also a World of H C Andersen Museum in Copenhagen that is mainly aimed at children. I myself have not been there but it is on my to do list for next time.


#8 Kongens Have (Kings Garden)
Copenhagen or Denmark itself is filled with spectacular gardens, Kongens Have is one of Denmark’s oldest royal gardens way back from the 17th century, these gardens are absolutely stunning. The day that we were here it was a beautiful summer’s day and the park was packed with locals. We took our dinner and just sat and enjoyed the evening. The kids had a blast running free and making friends with the local kids.
Rosenborg Slot (Castle) which is attached to the gardens do guided tours of the castle.

I am a little biased when writing this piece as Denmark holds a very special place in my heart. Both my parents and grandparents are all born and bred in Denmark. I lived in Denmark for 8 years until we moved to Australia in 1996 and since have been back 3 times to visit family and friends and explore more and more of the country with each visit.

Rådhus (Town Hall)

Thank you for reading this blog, this was probably my favourite piece to write so far, I hope you enjoyed it and got a little something from reading it. Hopefully it gives you some ideas for your visit or inspires you to put Copenhagen, Denmark on your Places to visit list!

Truth be told that the rest of the country is just as beautiful and the more time you spent here you get to really understand why it’s the most happiest nation in the world.

That gives me an idea for my next blog to be my top places to see in Denmark. Stay tuned!

Thank you again

This blog is in no way sponsored, all wording and photos are my own.

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