DIY Hand Soap

I picked up a book late last year called LOW TOX LIFE it caught my eye at the shops. For a long time now I’ve been wanting to change things for myself and also for our earth that my children are growing up in.

I did little things like tried to remember to bring my own bags to the shops, limit the amount of throw out utensils I would buy. One thing I really wanted to change was the creams and stuff that I put on my face, I wanted to avoid all those harsh chemicals but in all honesty I didn’t exactly know what was the right thing to buy or do. Which made it hard to know what to change.
So that is where this book caught my eye, plus the cover reminded me of the cover of another one of my fave books Hygge.
This book is so great, full of tips and the understanding of why to do it and how to do it.
It also reminds you that everything or YOU can’t change over night but doing a little bit here and there is a great feeling and every time I accomplish a new low tox deed may it be small or big I begin with another and educate my children and husband at the same time.

This here is one of my good deeds that we have changed in our household and that is making our own hand and body soap.
I thought with everything happening in our precious world right now I would share with you guys how to do this at home.

We are living in strange times at the moment, not just us but the whole world. The shelves at the shops are empty and everyone is going mad over toilet paper.
Now, I don’t know how to DIY toilet paper but my Nanna in-law assures us that newspaper was used back in her day!
What I can help you with is making your own soap.

Below you will find my video on how to make it.
It’s my first YouTube DIY video so please be kind 🙂



I’ve pop the recipe below here for you.
Plus I’ve added a recipe from the Low Tox Life book by Alexx Stuart if you are not so keen on the coconut oil.
This book has so many more recipes in it.
By doing this you will be amazed at how much money you will save.

100ml Castile Soap (unscented)
250ml distilled water (add more if you prefer)
50ml Coconut Oil (I prefer cold pressed)
10 drops essential oil
Use an old foaming soap dispenser

Simple DIY hand and body soap by Alexx Stuart

one part Castile Soap
Three to five parts water
2 teaspoons olive oil
10 drops essential oil
Use an old foaming soap dispenser

Once I got the recipe right for my family and I, I decided to make up a couple of 1 litre bottles to keep as refills.

I also wanted to label mine because why not I label everything else!
Labels are from Mint To Be Designs, check them out and mention me for a discount.

It finishes the process off very nicely, plus I think if you are reusing your dispensers over and over why not invest in them a little.
Plus you are reducing plastic waste at the same time.

Thank you for watching and reading, I hope it has inspired you to make your own soap.

DIY hand soap

P.s I think this would be a great gift for special family and friends birthdays or Christmas gifts.

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