Linen Cupboard

Organizing Linen Cupboard
Linen Cupboard Organisation

Once your linen cupboard is decluttered and organized it’s amazing how satisfying it feels… You should try it too.

Here I’ll go through a few of my tips on how to create just that, a clean, fresh linen cupboard.
Firstly, I’ll go through my linen cupboard which is what I call the standard in most homes. Open the door and there you have four shelves.

Secondly, I go through my mum’s linen cupboard which is what I call a luxury linen cupboard. You can actually walk inside it and have a huge amount of storage space, every organisers dream cupboard (well mine anyway).
I wanted to write the blog on two complete opposite linen cupboards to show you that no matter if you have a small space or a large space you can still create a practical but gorgeous space. Who said linen cupboards had to be boring anyway?!

Storage Baskets


It’s step number one, declutter. It’s no secret we all hang on to things we don’t need and haven’t used for years, the old saying… I’ll keep that just in case I need it one day. The linen cupboard is also the place where you tend just keep fitting more and more in and you can’t actually remember what is at the back of it, a bit like the tupperware cupboard and the more space you have the more things you just keep hanging onto and pilling in there.

So that being said it’s time to take everything out and go through it from top to bottom, side to side.
1. Make a pile of the things you have not used in the last 6 – 12 months.
This pile goes straight into your boot and sits there for another 6 months!! Just kidding…. drop it off at your nearest animal shelter or Salvation Army. Keep in mind at the moment with Covid -19 a lot of these stores are closed, but check online Facebook groups in your community which allow you to add on their and you can give to someone in need.
2. Make another pile of the things that you still use now.
If you feel like you need a 3rd pile this can be the pile that you don’t actually use but can’t get yourself to throw away just yet.

Storing towels


Step two is to organise.
Once you have your keep pile and the maybe pile, this gives you the opportunity to work with the amount
of items going into the amount of space.
For example put all your towels in a pile, kids towels in another pile, beach towels, separate all your sheets into Single bed, Queen bed, King bed etc.
Do the same with your doona covers. Basically group all your items into as many or as little amount of groups.
Now put them back in the linen cupboard in their piles,
once all in take a photo and it’s time to go shopping!

Storage Baskets

Step three is finding the right baskets/boxes.
This is when you head off to the shops but before you go, check to see what you can use from home.
Do you have any spare storage boxes/baskets already that you can use to save money.
It doesn’t have to be expensive or fancy as long as they are the right fit.

Which brings me to my next point.
Remember to measure your space before going shopping, the height/length and width.
The reason I said to take a photo is because when you are at the shops it is helpful to look back on the photo to remember what each basket is for and making sure that the basket you choose is the most practical choice.
Yes I know you want it to look pretty, but the most important thing is that it has to work and be super functional.
Otherwise the cupboard will look like it did beforehand in no time at all. Trust me!

All the storage baskets I used for my Linen Cupboard were all from Bunnings, I found they had the better options for the larger storage baskets and cheaper. Kmart is also another good place for storage options.

The storage solution we used on the large linen cupboard (my mums) was mainly the white Ikea Tjena boxes as she had so much storage space and the majority of the items stored in there are things that you don’t use everyday. By storing them in these boxes with lids, it makes them easy to label and the items are tucked away neatly not collecting dust.
We also used Kmart open baskets for everyday items like towels etc for easy access.

Finishing Touches

A great idea is to add a reed diffuser, especially if you have a larger space. Makes your linen smell delicious.
This one is a Champagne & Strawberries fragrance from Lavish Aromas.

Step four is styling.
This is my favourite part styling and decorating the space, but if this is not your thing that is okay too.
You now already have a functional space and can stop at that.

There is no way that I can, because this is the part that I live for.
I knew that I wanted to make the space lighter in the smaller linen closet than what it was because it’s in a dark part of the house, no direct sunlight and in a short little hall way. So I went with majority white wire baskets and the white with a natural rope like basket to bring a bit of colour but keep it neutral,
Scandic look.

Now you have all your baskets/boxes whatever you are using in the right places and you are happy with where they are. This is the time when you might make a few switches to make it all work and fit, you might find one style works better than the other, so make sure you always keep your receipts and tags on just in case you need to make some swaps.
I did a couple of trips to Bunnings till I got it right.


Make sure everything is in the right place first then it’s time to order labels.
Now, I KNOW what is in each basket but for some reason no one else in the household does!! This is where the labels come in handy, no more excuses from anyone (insert husband) to not know where things go plus it looks pretty and really finishes off the space, any space actually.
I get all my labels from Rachel who runs her own small business called
Mint To Be Designs.
It’s really easy to order just email Rachel and let her know what you are after, she then emails you back a form for you to fill out and once paid, your labels will arrive shortly after.
I chose her pretty new little bamboo tags, this way I could tie them onto the baskets and have them all look the same.
It all comes down to what kind of storage you are using and what your preference is.
Mention my name ‘Nicole’ when emailing Rachel and she’ll do you a little discount;)

Standard Linen Cupboard
(small space)

Luxury Linen Cupboard
(large space)

Before and Afters

Thank you so much for reading and I hope it has inspired you to get your linen cupboard organised.
This blog was in no way sponsored. All images and writing is by me.

If you would like to read some of my other organisation blogs click on the links below and THANK YOU again.

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