Bedroom Makeover

Our Master bedroom needed a face lift so I’m going to share with you how we did just that. Enjoy!

I obviously had some ideas on what I was after but sometimes when you just keep these ideas in your head you can get a little lost or side tracked when buying your items and all of a sudden end up with a bit of a mixture of themes that don’t quiet go together.
Which brings me to my first step MOOD BOARD.

Create a mood board.
Whether it be saving images on your phone and putting them into a folder or cutting out images from magazines and hanging them on a board. I created mine in word and just copy and pasted the images that I liked.
Do it your own creative way.
Here is my mood board below. I created this before I started and before purchasing anything.

Bedroom Mood Board

As you can see I’m going for a Scandic Country feel of calmness, simplicity, natural with added textures.


A little sneak at what the room looked like before the makeover.

Preparing the room

Firstly we removed everything out of the room.
I sold what we didn’t need/want on Gumtree including our bed! Which meant we slept on a blow up mattress while we waited for our bed to arrive for approx a week. Big mistake while pregnant!!
We then built the half wall (see below).
I then washed all the walls with sugar soap in preparation for painting.

Our comfortable but uncomfortable after a week blow up mattress.

Building the nib wall

This was a challenge in itself as neither of us have any experience with building at all but super happy with how it turned out and sending all the credit to hubby on this one, well done babe 🙂

All the materials are from Bunnings. The wall panels are the EasyVJ panels, which we cut to size.


A fresh coat of paint always brings the life back to any old room. I painted all walls including the EasyVJ in Dulux Cotton Ball.

As anytime when building and/or creating a space it takes time. Especially over the Covid pandemic and add kids into the mix too.
You have to wait for products to be in stock or get made. So be patient nothing happens over night. This took us a couple a good weeks from start to finish.

During/Progress Photos


Scroll down for the reveal photos and I’ve also included links to where all products are from to make it easy for you to find.

Where to buy from

Easy VJ wall lining – Bunnings
Wall paint colour – Cotton Ball by Dulux
King Bed base & Mattress – Comfort Style
Bedding – Bed Threads
Bed Side Tables – Ikea & Kmart
Bedside candle & Roll on essential oil- Lavish Aromas
Dried Flowers – The After Hours
Crystal Lamp & Crystals – Selene Crystals
Art Prints – Booie & Ben
Large floor mirror – Ikea
Small arched mirror – Kmart
Plant stand, pot and plant – Bunnings
Rattan lamp shade – Beacon Lighting
Shutters – The Blinds Gallery

Thanks so much for following along on our Bedroom Makeover journey.
Feel free if you have any questions or comments to pop them below or jump over to my Instagram and I’ll get back to you asap.

This blog is in no way sponsored

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